What is the difference between curtains and drapes?

A person shopping for window coverings may wonder whether to buy curtains or drapes. There are a few differences between curtains and drapes for shoppers to keep in mind. The following reveals some features of each window covering.

The Differences Between Curtains and Drapes

  1. Drapes are a more formal window covering than a set of curtains, that’s it.
  2. Drapes tend to be made of Heavier Fabric than a set of curtains.
  3. Curtains are seen on windows in many different places such as Offices, Dormitory Rooms,
    Restaurants, and Homes especially on Small Windows & Rental Places. Just something to cover
    up temporarily.
  4. Drapes are seen in more Formal rooms such as Living Area, Dining Room, Master Bed
    Room areas in an Elegant Home or High-End Restaurants and Hotels.
  5. Drapes are usually longer than the standard set of curtains.
  6. People sometimes use heavy drapes to keep the Hot / Cold Air from entering the home through
    a window.
  7. Curtains are easily taken down and put up while drapes require more effort because of their
    length and thickness of the fabric. 
  8. In many cases, Drapes must be taken to the dry cleaner for regular cleaning because of their
    special fabric.
  9. Curtains can often be washed at home in the delicate cycle of a washing machine.
  10. Drapes are often operated by a drawstring on one side of a window.
  11. Oftentimes, curtains are opened and closed by gently pulling the fabric.
  12. Depending on the fabric, drapes may be steam cleaned whereas most curtains cannot be
    cleaned in this way.
  13. Generally, drapes are floor length while curtains drop to just below a window sill.
  14. Drapes usually have a backing on them that gives them structure while hanging on a rod / track
    while curtains are made to move in the breeze.

Similarities Shared by Curtains and Drapes

  1. Curtains and Drapes are available in many styles, patterns, and appealing colors.
  2. They can both be closed or opened in front of a window.
  3. Both window coverings are available in different lengths and widths.
  4. Both types of window coverings are made by a variety of designers.
  5. There is a choice of top construction including pinch pleats, back tabs, tie top, and others for
    both sorts of window coverings.
  6. Both drapes and curtains can be held back with decorative Tie Backs to allow the sunlight in
    through the window.
  7. Well-constructed Drapes & Curtains can be maintained for many years in a home or business.
  8. Both drapes and curtains can be found for prices that fit the budget of a household.